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Born from the shop floor

We know what customers want. How? We’ve gathered millions of insights from 25+ years of retailing the best in global beauty brands. What we discovered… Our customer want the very best in every aspect of life – most of all, their beauty routine.

Your beauty needs, bottled.

Our MECCA customers inform every step in the creation of MECCA COSMETICA's

high-performance, luxurious products.

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Living Lab of Beauty

Our customers, our store teams and our wider MECCA community… this is our Living Lab of Beauty.

Our teams make the time to listen to our customers and what they need — what would make their lives easier? more beautiful? what do they need from their beauty? We bottle these insights into each and every one of our MECCA COSMETICA products. Each product is developed with an obsessive attention to detail to deliver high-performance and luxurious formulations that do what they promise. Every. Single. Time.

When you see the Living Lab of Beauty seal, you know the MECCA COSMETICA product in your hands has been made with MECCA’s unparalleled expertise to meet the demands (and dreams) of our customers.

90 Million

MECCA customers visit us in-store and online annually


Passionate team members solving beauty wants, needs and dreams daily


Bestselling product sold at MECCA, year-in, year-out

MECCA… is the home of global beauty

MECCA is the number one prestige beauty retailer in Australia. Our mission is simple:
to help customers look, feel and be their best.

In 1997, Jo Horgan had a bold idea: to trek the global beauty path and find emerging makeup brands, niche fragrances and cutting-edge skincare, and bring them home for Australians to enjoy.

Today, over 90 million customers walk through our store doors or visit us online to discover our expert edit from over 200 global brands. This provides us a coveted front-row view into what really resonates with customers and what they’re missing in their beauty arsenal. The result? Our beloved in-house brand, MECCA COSMETICA, a curated, considered and uniquely Australian collection of uncomplicated beauty essentials.

Why Australian SPF? Put simply, we know sun safety. We live it daily. With a climate and lifestyle made for living life outdoors, our sunscreens are subject to some of the globe’s strictest standards and testing.

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It’s really hard to get a sunscreen approved in Australia (which is good news for your skin).

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